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The Principal and the Deputy occupy their offices respectively. Other offices are: The director of studies which is shared by three teachers, the Clerk office is partitioned to serve as a books- store and Bursars office. The secretary’s of


Currently there is no  vacancy in all departments but keep checking as we normally post them in the web


 MESSAGE FROM B.O.G. CHAIRMANI take this opportunity to write something about this great school on behalf of the Board of Governors (B.O.G.) of Mashuuru Secondary School and myself. As a Board we have committed our selves to see to the deve


Academic: This is the institution’s core services by providing education and training services. The institution prepares the students for examination and certification. Thus ensuring effective curriculum delivery to the learner.The Curriculum o

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The school started in 1988 as an appendage of the famous Mashuuru Primary school, through the initiative of the then Head teacher. Mr. Murianka, after which the first Head teacher secondary section Mr. Ramogi Rapogi was appointed. After expe

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SCHOOL MISSION AND VISION.MOTTOForward ever  MISSION: Strive and Endeavour to provide quality holistic education, instill values and proper guidance to empower the learners to embrace the modern society.  VISION: To use education to produc


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